(Silenzio) Guardala in Streaming


Silenzio is a virtual exhibition, a collective of young artists who, through their own personal interpretation and artistic style, will reinterpret the theme in question. What is silence? Especially at a time like this, we are getting used to hearing it, to feeling it more often. Different visions will communicate with each other, because silence does not mean absence of sound for those who have something to transmit. Always surrounded by noise, at this particular time it is easier to perceive it, perhaps it scares us a little but only because we are not used to living with it. Even if the streets are empty, contacts are limited and we are burdened by an increasingly virtual communication, this does not mean that we silence our ideas, cancel our perceptions, stop creating, on the contrary, what we want to do is to draw new stimulus from it.

Almach Art Gallery opens its doors to promising artists and young curators, organising the first of a series of events dedicated entirely to them. Initially in a digital format, the event will take us on a virtual journey, but made up of real works, the exhibition will then be presented in our premises, as soon as it is possible to reopen for visits.

The exhibition continues the cycle dedicated to young people created by Young Art Hunters, to whom we want to give freedom of expression and from whom we require maximum commitment and quality, to recreate that rich fabric of creativity in the art world, otherwise often stiffened behind pure market logic.

The choice fell on two young curators, founders of YAH - Young Art Hunters, who have already collaborated with us on past young art events. Barbara Ludovina Basile and Elia Panori have been entrusted with the task of selecting the artists and the theme of the event, SILENCE, which will be presented simultaneously on all the main streaming and social platforms, such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc.


A mors

The exhibition 'A MORS - Cuore a Fette' was our first live Streaming exhibition. Many people appreciated the solution of combining visual art with the support of technology to continue to see and feel our artists and not give up culture, even in this delicate situation.

It was created as an exhibition to explore the theme of toxic love, interpreted by seven artists: each one expressed through his personal technique, his own experience making it unique and of great impact.

Antonio Bonfrate

Nicolò Brognara

Nuria Calvi

Rebecca Cardillo

Filippo Cavazzuti

Niccolò Misrachi

Letizia Zuffi.

Each person expressed their experience through their personal technique, making it unique and of great impact.