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The fresh and innovative association of Young Art Hunters

promotes young and emerging art

through a complete collection of services!

The Ordinary Member has a dedicated discount of 10% on the purchase of the first artwork, the opportunity to actively participate in the exclusive events of YAH and receives our newsletter in order to be updated on all our initiatives. 

The Sustaining Member has the same benefits as the regular member. He or she also has VIP access to our events, so he or she has the opportunity to preview both physical and digital exhibits. 

It will help our association to grow in order to promote and be always available to artists through the organization of events made especially for them.

ordinary member


With the membership card you will have a reserved 10% discount on the purchase of your first artwork. You will have access to exclusive events dedicated only to YAH members. You will also be included in our newsletter in order to receive invitations and news.

The Artist Member has the opportunity to exhibit at Young Art Hunters exhibitions according to the chosen package. In addition, he/she has the opportunity to access the selections to become a YAH artist with the benefits that come with it.

The YAH Artist, who is personally selected by the staff, has a dedicated page on the site containing biography, artistic experiences and works. He/she is actively promoted through our social channels and has priority over participation in our events and exhibitions.

Yes, Young Art Hunters is available to the artist to promote it and acts as a conduit for the sale to the end customer. 

Young Art Hunters is responsible for promoting and advertising the event you will attend through our social channels bringing a wide audience and potential customers who will have the opportunity to view your work.

artist member


A KIND OF MAGIC includes a membership card with which you can participate as an artist in all Young Art Hunters exhibitions. You will be included in our newsletter for all YAH event updates and will be listed on our website with a personal page.


You can fill the form and pay for the artist membership only after the artworks selection

Public or private associations, public or private bodies, as well as clubs with activities and purposes not in contrast with those of Young Art Hunters may also be members.

Members can be of 3 types:

  • Artist Members
  • Ordinary Members
  • Supporting Members
  • The duration of the membership lasts until December 31st of the same year of the payment of the membership fee.

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