In the near future, influenced by considerable changes in the field of technology, humanity recognizes itself as an art form, distorting today's concept of it and contributing as a tool for a more complete culture. Traditional, modern and contemporary art evolves in an in-depth recognition of the human in relation to nature, becoming the scenario and protagonist of a new movement. Digital art will be projected into every environment, the body will become the true artistic protagonist. A great transition in civilization needs a change of perception: the computer, what we call Artificial Intelligence, will be the spectator of the exhibitions. It will no longer be us who go to see an exhibition, but technology will learn by itself to recognize us as an art form.

In this future, the concept of "exhibition" is different, in fact the spectator becomes the protagonist. The YAH Factory gallery will host individuals who will undo their now obsolete vision to approach direct participation. In the two rooms, the gallery will change shape, introducing a divider between the introduction to this evolution (in the first room) and its actual realization (in the second). The exhibition includes the use of wall projections of experimental video art and refractions through mirrors, an engaging 360° sound experience. The main sensation that viewers will recognize is belonging to a new, fantastic place, like a "mind room" where to be the focus.

⁕ get inside your ego and dissolve it ⁕ ⁕ ideas are not the truth ⁕ ⁕ you are ready to give up art ⁕ ⁕ lose yourself to eat anything ⁕


Niccolò Misrachi . Elia Panori . Sara Ruggieri