YAH Art Days vol.2

big families never die

To the second edition of the YAH ART DAYS, our staff is proud to present the fifth edition of Illustrami, an exhibition dedicated to art and poetry, where artists and writers confront each other on different themes, letting their ideas merge into a performance of thoughts and colours. This year there is an additional novelty: the book “Illustrami Greatest Hits”

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On the second day of the YAH ART DAYS our staff is proud to present Unspoken: an exhibition dedicated to all things live! The exhibition presents itself as a dialogue between two realities that relate through the desire to renew themselves through performance. A real live performance based on painting and music, creating connections and inspirations from images and sounds. It will conclude with an exhibition of the works created at the time, together with an experimental DJ set and aperitif.

Great support was given by the people present at the


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Beatrice Borriero

Rosalinda Falappi

Eric Romeo

Lorenza Pagliari

Anna Pennati

Luca Temolo Dall’Igna

Francesco Virgata

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