liubov bochkova

liubov bochkova


Liubov is a European-based Russian painter and ceramic artist. In 2013 Liubov graduates magna cum laude from MFA degree at the Moscow Art Academy named after Surikov. In 2012 she is invited as a teacher of painting and composition at the Art high school in Moscow and works there for 2 years. In 2014 she decides to enrich her background by attending a Master program at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan (Italy) choosing this time the contemporary direction. After a year Liubov decides to interrupt the studies and rents a studio to develop her artistic language independently. In 2015 she becomes the member of Association of Russian Artists. Liubov works mostly with oil colours, she treats subjective topics such as time, memory, phases of personal growth. She sometimes expresses her thoughts through illustrating funny objects or using strong bright colors in order to play down such a complicated topics. Recently she started to work with a new medium – clay. She is creating abstract sculptures and develop her own glazes with special effects at a chemical level.



dissoul, the yah factory, milano


Bianco 1971, PregnArt, Pregnana Milanese

YAH art days vol.2, young art hunters, milano


Fragmented Identities, Itsliquid, Venezia

Arte per scaldare I cuori, Udine


Informale ed astratto nell’arte contemporanea, Gallery Sant’ Orsola, Milano

Tra realismo e non realismo, Spazio M’Arte, Milano

Lo stato dell’arte, Palazzo Zenobio, Venezia

Arte Milano Incontri, Gallery Sant’Orsola, Milan0

Esposizione internazionale di arte visiva, Cascina Grande, Rozzano

XXII Exhibition of russian contemporary artists, Artcombinat, Mosow

Angeli e Demoni, Fombio’s Castle, Fombio

Basquiat, la street Italiana e le visioni metropolitane, Piacenza EXPO, Piacenza


Liubov Bochkova

Oil on canvas



Dreaming of morocco

Liubov Bochkova

Oil on canvas




Liubov Bochkova

M.t. on canvas




Liubov Bochkova

Oil on canvas




Liubov Bochkova

M.t. on canvas




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