Nuria Calvi


Born in La Paz, Bolivia, in 1995 she graduated in Media Design & Multimedia Arts at NABA in Milan in 2019. She began her artistic career dealing with photographic shots developing, in the meantime, a great interest in cinematography, and then deepened it at NABA. During his university years he directed and collaborated on several academic short films, finishing his studies by directing his first documentary. After a long break from photography, he returned to try his hand at shooting. Curious and fascinated by what surrounds her, her intent is to find and report stories and atmospheres hidden behind every environment and person. She defines herself as a researcher and creator of emotionality.


Artistic experiences

Exhibition L'Altra parte del cielo, Archimede 43 Milan, March 2019

Exhibition A Mors, Viewing Room, February 2020

Red & White la Masochista, 30x40cm

Red & White – Eccessivo

Nuria Calvi




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