Drawing pictures and writing short stories has been a form of expression for her since her childhood and youth. When she decided to study art, her parents said: "Do something practical". Long story short, she chose something adequate for her parents. As a graduated social worker and trauma-centered consultant and in training to become a child and adolescent psychotherapist, something happened inside her. Thus, she’s now also Mo, a freelance artist. Her art, paintings, drawings and writings have accompanied her throughout all her life. Currently, being a freelance artist is also an important part of her, which has a great impact. Inspired by her work with children and young people, the artist in her is always coming more and more to the fore. She really enjoys working with children and young people, but a part of her is always looking for another way to express her work experiences. She has been working for so many years with traumatized and non-traumatized children and young people who have suffered severe sexual and psychological/physical violence. That left deep scars on them and often lead them to perceive themselves as ineffective individuals or it compromised the connection with their emotions. They have forgotten how to listen to their feelings, to perceive their own actions and to know themselves. She can only be effective when she knows who she is, what she feels, sees, hears and tastes: when she can trust her perception. Painting, creating works of art, is an opportunity to regain access to the emotional world, to get to know yourself and to find new means of expression. This is one of the most central points in children's and young people's experience of self-efficacy. Children and young people must find ways of expressing which weren’t allowed to be just said.



DE.MO Lifestyle, M.A.D:S Artgallery


Gallerie One 962, Stockholm

Gallerie Artportable, Gallery M & Art

Luxemburg art price 2022, Viby/Kopenhagen exhibit manifest-den levende kunst in Viby, Denmark

Anger and monster


Acrilico su carta



End of a winter day


M.t. on canvas



Fighting down the inner shadows


M.t. on canvas



Tree of hiding


Acrylic on canvas



Facing the courage


M.t. on canvas




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