The evening was held as a poetry slam, where each poet could read his or her own writing accompanied by the related work, while the guests were asked to vote to determine the winning couple. Edgar Allan Poe

The project was created as a short film for the anniversary of the death of the famous American writer. It contains Poe's great literature and his sense of horror through framing and direction, by Vittoria Basile and Elia Panoriwhich reflect the sinister settings created by the set designer Giulia Caprawith the photographer's dark and chilling photographs Niccolò Misrachi, modern, underground and contemporary style, thanks also to the digital illustrations by Paola Bonacina.

Gala is based on the short story 'The Red Death Mask' It tells the story of a group of aristocrats safe in a mansion/fortress to save themselves from the plague contagion that reigns over the world.


Il Certificato di Autenticità verifica la valutazione dell’opera e/o dell’artista tramite vendita presso Young Art Hunters.