Federica Raggi Locandina

Federica Raggi


Federica Raggi was born in Romagna, in Forlí.
For about 23 years, despite her technical education, all she has ever wanted to do is in the creative and artistic field. Although there was a period in which she thought of putting aside the idea of working in this field, she never gave up and in addition to good skills in freehand drawing and partly in painting, in the last year she has tried to launch herself in digital drawing.
Federica has a strong passion for colors and geometric shapes that have always enriched her drawings, letting her ideas be guided by
her instinct and because of which, few times she can predict the result, it's a surprise even for her, as if she were under hypnosis.


Artistic experiences

Virtual exhibition Illustrami 2, Bonsai Room, May 2020

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