Emilie Obermeyer


Emilie was born in 2001 in Berlin. She has always loved to draw and at the age of 16 she began to deepen her interest for fine arts, but it was not until after she finished school that she started to enjoy life creatively. Emilie experimented and tried out various techniques. Since then, she is creative everyday. Apart from studying art history and visual cultures at the Humboldt-University, she gets inspired by the music of artists like David Bowie or Michael Jackson, as well as exciting events in her surroundings and the longing for traveling, that she translates into her surreal imagery. In her art she thematises (sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously) very personal topics. Most of the time, they are shown in abstract compositions and therefore, the actual meaning often stays uncovered for the viewer. Nevertheless, this is the reason why everybody sees something else in Emilie’s work and she loves that she is able to give every person an individual image or feeling that is only being revealed for them.


beat it

Emilie Obermeyer

Oil pastels on paper



Chain of thoughts I

Emilie Obermeyer

M. t. on paper



Chain of thoughts II

Emilie Obermeyer

M.t. on canvas



green gables

Emilie Obermeyer

M. t. on paper



hunky dory

Emilie Obermeyer

M. t. on paper



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